Tomatoes and greed – the exodus of Ghana&#zero39;s farmers | DW Documentary

Tomatoes and greed – the exodus of Ghana's farmers | DW Documentary
What do tomatoes should do with mass migration? Tomatoes are a poker chip in international commerce insurance policies. Sponsored merchandise from the EU, China and elsewhere are bought at dumping costs, destroying markets and livelihoods in Africa within the course of.

Edward nonetheless harvests tomatoes. However he’s not on his personal fields in Ghana. He now works on plantations in southern Italy beneath precarious circumstances. The tomatoes he harvests are processed, canned and shipped overseas -- together with to Ghana, the place they compete with native merchandise. The flood of low cost imports from China, the US and the EU has pushed Ghana’s tomato business to break. Determined farmers discover themselves having to hunt work elsewhere, together with in Europe. For a lot of, the one route obtainable is a harmful journey by way of the desert and throughout the Mediterranean. Ghana is a nation at peace, a democracy with free elections and financial development. Nonetheless, tomato farmer Benedicta is just capable of make ends meet as a result of her husband commonly sends her cash from his earnings in Italy.

A former tomato manufacturing facility in Pwalugu, Ghana, illustrates the predicament. This manufacturing facility as soon as helped safe the livelihood of tomato farmers throughout the area. In the present day it lies empty, guarded by Vincent, a former worker who hopes to maintain it from falling into break. Within the surrounding area, the marketplace for tomatoes has collapsed and most farmers are not rising what may simply be Ghana’s ‘pink gold’. An agricultural advisor is making an attempt to assist native tomato farmers, however has little by the use of hope to supply. Situations like this are what drive native farmers to chop their losses and head for Europe. As soon as in Italy, migrants from Ghana and different African nations are pressured to stay in determined circumstances close to the plantations. They work as day laborers for very low wages, serving to to develop the very tomatoes which can be costing individuals again residence their work and livelihoods. Nowadays, canned tomatoes from China, Italy and Spain can be found for buy available on the market of Accra. Some could name this free commerce. However economist Kwabena Otoo says free commerce ought to open doorways; not destroy individuals’s lives.

Each two seconds, an individual is pressured to flee their residence. In the present day, greater than 70 million individuals have been displaced worldwide. The DW documentary sequence ‘Displaced’ sheds mild on the causes of this disaster and traces how rich industrialized nations are contributing to the exodus from the International South.

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